Up Tempo’s mission statement is clear. We are here to serve you. We will provide the utmost care in regards to your professional career and your personal life We will manage the world around you as you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. Relationships are the cornerstones of every great endeavor. As a client of Up Tempo you will become part of a family. The family relationship is personal, professional, and most of all fiduciary.

The Up Tempo Promise

Black's Law Dictionary describes a fiduciary relationship as "one founded on trust or confidence reposed by one person in the integrity and fidelity of another." A fiduciary has a duty to act primarily for the client's benefit in matters connected with the undertaking and not for the fiduciary's own personal interest. Scrupulous good faith and candor are always required. Fiduciaries must always act in complete fairness and may not ever exert any influence or pressure, take selfish advantage, or deal with the client in such a way that it benefits himself or prejudices the client. Business shrewdness, hard bargaining, and taking advantage of the forgetfulness or negligence of the client are totally prohibited by a fiduciary.

As fiduciaries, Sport’s and Entertainment Agents must make fair and complete disclosure of all material facts and must employ reasonable care to avoid misleading their clients. The utmost good faith is required in all their dealings. Simply put, fiduciaries must exhibit the highest form of trust, fidelity and confidence, and are expected to act in the best interest of their clients at all times. You have our solemn promise that YOUR BEST INTEREST remains paramount in the relationship you have with us.

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