Paul C. Joe - Agent

Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Juris Doctorate
University of North Texas, Bachelors of Science Criminal Justice
Texas Institute of Technology, Information Technology Degree

National Football League Contract’s Advisor Certified by NFL Players Association, NFL Europe, Arena Football, MLB, Entertainment Agent


"I knew it had to happen,
felt the tables turning.
Got me through my darkest hour."
-- Kevin Cronin


At some point everyone makes a fundamental decision that forever changes how they live the rest of their life. When that decision is made, we usually can remember exactly where we were. For me this happened in the summer of 1993. I had worked in the computer industry for 10 years. One particular night I was in the middle of a 20 plus hour shift. I got to thinking, “How did this happen to me?” Working long hours, for below market pay, and not enjoying what I was doing. I wondered, “Can I live with doing this the rest of my life?” The answer was a resounding NO. I made a vow at that moment I would never settle for less than I am in my life again. Two weeks later I was enrolled at the University of North Texas pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. For the next 5 years I would work full time and go to college. It was hard and sometimes difficult, but it was something I could call my own. No one can ever take it away from me. In my junior year of college I thought to myself, “Why stop here?” I had always dreamed about becoming a lawyer or a doctor. I had always wanted a profession that I loved doing and could be my own boss. Of course the potential for unlimited income was also very appealing. So I decided to test myself. I enrolled in law school. Law school was 3 tough years but I managed myself well and graduated in 2002.. I set my goals and made a plan to accomplish them. Up Tempo can do the same for you. We will set goals and design a plan to accomplish those goals. No mountain will be too high for you to climb. It’s a kid’s game played by men and women. Your successes will be my accomplishments.


Paul C. Joe

“Time is a river rolling into nowhere
I will live while I can
I will have my ever after.”
-- Steve Winwood

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